Sublingual Immunotherapy for Allergies – Radio Blog

On August 5th, Dr. Caprio spoke on the topic of sublingual immunotherapy for allergies on the Fearless Parent Radio Blog.   You can listen to it here: Read More »

Allergy and illness

Allergy symptoms are responsible for more visits to the doctor’s office than any single illness in this country. Recent statistics shows that about 25% of the US population or approximately 75 million people suffer from some form of allergy. An allergy can be defined as an abnormal physical reaction to...

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Preventive Medicine/Anti-Aging

The concept of preventive medicine is based upon the utilization of scientific data for the purpose of maintaining optimal health, vitality and longevity. Healthful nutritional strategies are established for each patient according to a careful evaluation of patient symptoms, history, diet and lifestyle, together with state of the art methods...

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