Office Services:

We are a nutrition-oriented Medical Office providing a wide range of services for the management of acute and chronic illness, specializing in the areas of environmental medicine, allergy, and preventive health care. Our practice uses natural therapeutics exclusively, including diet, nutrition, vitamin/mineral therapy, Western and Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, and sub-lingual allergy immunotherapy.

Allergy Testing: (Foods, Food Phenolic Compounds, Inhalants, Chemicals)

A complete allergy evaluation is based upon careful intake of patient’s past history and present illness, as well as, an extended assessment using the CEDS/Omega System. The Omega System is designed to identify a full range of sensitivities and intolerances in a non- invasive, non-provocative manner. This is used in conjunction with other conventional diagnostic methods to provide effective allergy treatment. This office does not use allergy injections.

Level 2 Screening

Additional Testing:

Hormone/Metabolic Profiles
Neurotransmitter Testing
Toxic Heavy Metal Testing
Immune Evaluation Profiles
Vitamin/Mineral/Amino Acid Assays
Gastrointestinal Function Assay